The Participatory Design Process:

We want to walk the walk, as well as talk the talk


To embed this in the DNA of the DC Civic Innovation Council, we are undergoing a process to form the structure and activities of The Council. We believe that innovative solutions to social challenges arise from the inclusion of a diverse group of voices.  That's why it's so important for us to incorporate multiple perspectives and experiences into the design process.

We believe in being, bottom-up, distributed, agile, representative, connected and service-driven.

The process helps us avoid reinventing the wheel, and ensuring we do not cannibalize resources


The very nature of the Participatory Design Process dictates that at this stage, we only have guideposts and desired outcomes. Meaning, everything is written in pencil, not pen. This blank canvas allows the collective wisdom of the Steering Committee to fill out the picture. 

Here are some ways The Council could support DC: 

  • Increased Community Investment - Targeting new and promising solutions that solve local social challenges that includes job & business growth

  • Civic-Architecture - Support coordinated, sustained investment & engagement

  • Ecosystem Resource Mapping - We need to figure out where the resources are for us to determine where they should go

  • Strategic Partnerships - Strong relationships with local Universities, Philanthropic leaders and other civic innovators

  • Smarter Venture Philanthropy - Supporting ideas that have broad stakeholder support and by-in.